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The advantages, we offer you to choose UludagKlima products

Fast Answer

In case of any problems in the unit (by sending the unit to us), our maximum service time is 2 days.


During the warranty time, the warranty continues under all circumstances.

Fast Delivery

Our products are in stock and do not need to wait for 6-8 weeks. Delivery at the time of order.

Smart Control

Smart control digital / smart control is available in our units. Digital display and communication option by ethernet port.


If the heating problem in the enclosure is not resolved, you can return or change it as free.

Special Design

Thanks to our design skills and experience in enclosure cooler, we can offer you tailor-made designs very quickly.

Enclosure Cooling Units

Uludağ Klima

Enclosure Cooling Units

As Uludag Klima we are proud to be the first and only domestic manufacturer in the enclosure cabinet cooler producing industry in Turkey. Our company that related to air conditioner manufacturing business since 1998, started to mass production in the year 2000. Since then our manufacturing capacity developed increasingly year by year. To day most of the large scale industrial establishmnets’ electrical pannels are being conditioning by Uludag Klima products.

Uludag Klima

We are the Leader in
Enclosure Cooler

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Our News

Enclosure Cooler, Without-Filter

Enclosure Cooler, Without-Filter

Openable Cover, Enclosure Cooler, Without-Filter

Work-Rotation Control Unit

Work-Rotation Control Unit

With the Working Rotation Module, 2 A/C work both as each other’s backups and as each other’s assistants.

Telecom Cooling Solutions

Telecom Cooling Solutions

Our brand is the first choice of all Turkish telecom companies in the TELECOM sector with our Outdoor Enclosure Coolers.

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