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Openable Cover, Enclosure Cooler, Without-Filter

Pano kliması, Filtresiz, Açılabilir Kapaklı


Enclosure Cooler Without Filter | Advantages

Our enclosure coolers are produced especially without filters. The part that is exposed to dust in enclosure coolers is the condenser unit and almost no air conditioning device is filtered to the outdoor unit (condenser) part. Because the filters get clogged very quickly and accordingly it becomes difficult for air conditioners to get comfortable air.


As a result; Failures occur as a result of the air conditioner operating under high pressure. In this way; A/C maintenance can be completed in a much shorter time than filter cleaning. A filter clogged too quickly causes air conditioning failure. However, instead of filter cleaning, cleaning can be completed within seconds by opening the front cover and injecting compressed air into the condenser unit.


Also, another important feature is the sparsity of the fin spacing in the Condenser. Aluminum fins in condenser units designed with special engineering are kept as rare as possible. In this way, even if a lot of dust and particles enter the air conditioner, they are easily thrown out of the air conditioner by passing through the sparse lamellas, thanks to the air effect created by the fan. This minimizes the dust deposits in the condenser and provides long-term operation without any problems.

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